Conserve any way you can.

I read this article because I wanted to find ways to conserve energy and resources in the kitchen. Number 8 stood out at me the most.┬áHere at Leaner and Greener, we want to take care of not only our bodies but our environment as well. Anytime we spill something, we reach for a paper towel. How many times a day do we do that? I have three kids, so we’re always cleaning up something. Roll after roll of paper towels. Seems like we should have stock in Brawny with as many rolls as we go through. If you were able to re-use a product to clean up spills, you not only would save lots of money, but you would help out the environment as well. Lots of trees, water and energy go into making paper towels. These paper towels then end up in the landfills. Everyone uses paper towels everyday, all those bags of trash add up. We have to conserve any way we can.

To help combat this, we have found found Nano Towels from Life Miracles USA. These reusable towels replace rolls and rolls of paper towels and clean up with only water. Gone are the days of being stuck with a spill and reaching for paper towels only to find an empty roll. With the multi-pack you can keep them around the house so you’re ready to clean up a spill any time. Click the link and visit the website. Find out for yourself why this is such an amazing product.

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